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GCAC Internship Program

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Gaya CAC Internship Program offers an indelible opportunity for an aspiring potter to learn the ins and outs of running a ceramic studio, teaching ceramic skills, organizing workshops, firing kilns, and generally living a life of clay.  The internship is based on an agreement of exchange between the intern and GCAC.  

(There is strictly no payment involved in this program.)

Qualifications: an individual with at least a basis of experience in ceramics, interested in pursuing his/her own knowledge in making, firing, and running a public studio.  Proficiency in English language is essential.  

Desirable possible skills/attributes: teaching experience, photography background, graphic design knowledge, attitude of commitment and exploration, organizational skills, friendly demeanor, willingness to multi-task and work in a team.  

Agreement: Intern will commit to offering approximately 15-20 hours per week of assistance in the studio, in exchange for approximately the same number of hours of free studio usage.

Studio Assistance may include:

  • Setting up and breaking down lunches during group workshops
  • Being on hand for lead instructor of two-week workshop (sourcing tools, materials, organizing work tables, keeping workshop flowing smoothly)
  • Accompanying groups on workshop excursions
  • Assisting shorter classes (Throwing Thursdays or Privates); or possibly teaching these types of classes
  • Helping familiarize Resident Artist with studio, Ubud, life in Bali, and carrying out their residency
  • Helping with some publicity aspects of the studio (hanging flyers in Ubud, assisting with Face Book updates and/or drafting newsletters)
  • General daily clean up and organization of studio
  • Loading and unloading kilns, firing or assisting firing
  • Being a general spokesperson for Gaya CAC—in Bali and elsewhere in the world

Studio Benefits:

  • Time, space and use of all equipment and materials
  • Use of clay and kilns without charge (within respectful limits)
  • Opportunity to learn from many ceramic professionals, via workshops, resident artists, etc.

Duration and Visa:

  • Approximately 6 months is preferable
  • Social Budaya (Cultural visa)—Gaya CAC can facilitate sponsorship, but intern is to pay all visa and renewal fees.

Application Procedure:

Please email a letter of interest, stating your qualifications and desire to become a studio intern, and     including two reference names and email addresses directly to GCAC:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


List of the Studio interns

  • Meredith Habermann, 2012
  • Jiawen Loo, 2012-2013
  • Anamica Chauhan, 2013
  • Isabel Gatzen, 2013
  • Natalie Weinberger, 2014
  • Lily Meilani, 2014
  • Alexis Stephenson, 2015
  • Liz Vidal, 2015
  • Katherine Hassan, 2016
  • Sally May Mills, 2016
  • Lauren Hotson, 2017
  • Teekshna Prasad, 2017