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Gaya CAC Workshops for Groups

Workshops-for-GroupsFor pre-established ceramic groups, GAYA CAC offers the possibility of planning an inspirational workshop visit to Bali. Many groups gravitate to such an experience in order to cultivate new ideas and bring learning into a brand-new setting.

To this end, Gaya CAC extends the opportunity to tailor-make an experience with our skilled instructors. In this manner, the group has the autonomy to specify what type of technique or theme it would like to focus upon, what skill level to be targeted, and what specific dates and length of stay are preferable.

Alternatively, a pre-established group may want to create a experiential workshop with their home instructor, exploring the influence of a new setting, while maintaining a continuity of teacher-student relationship.


Two Week Workshops:

Gaya CAC's two-week workshops enable ceramic artists to focus and immerse: furthering their knowledge of a specific aspect of clay, while rejuvenating their creativity amid the energy of fellow artists and the inspiration of a cultural setting renowned for its exquisite artwork and crafts.

Workshops are scheduled throughout the calendar year, and vary widely in theme, instructor, firing style and focus. Typically workshop programs will comprise ten days of studio activity, two days of relevant excursions into the cultural wealth and natural beauty of Bali, and the opportunity to independently explore the nightlife, (traditional and otherwise), of the artistic enclave of Ubud.


Shorter Workshops:

However, workshops of shorter lengths can most certainly be arranged to accommodate a group's availability and interest.

Tuition varies between workshops, but always includes: instruction, all studio materials, glazes and firings, catered lunches, Welcome Dinner, and excursions around the island.

Accommodation is the group's decision; however, Gaya CAC will make recommendations for nearby hotels, bungalows or homestays in convenient proximity to the studio and Ubud town, and will assist in booking for each guest.


Gaya CAC Goup Leader Position

In order to tap into the network of potters and clay enthusiasts worldwide, Gaya CAC is always searching for new Group Leaders who are interested in rounding up a collection of individuals and bringing them to Gaya CAC for an unforgettable workshop experience.

What is a GROUP LEADER?  Simply put, this is an individual with interest, organizational abilities, and perhaps good connections to potential workshop participants who takes on the responsibility of finding 7-10 workshop registrants, collecting tuition fees from each person, and communicating directly with Gaya CAC throughout the lead-up time to the actual course of study..  

In exchange, group organizer receives free tuition (including studio materials, lunches, excursions, and accommodation), as well as a per participant cash incentive.

Are YOU a Group Leader?  Please inquire with us directly if you feel qualified and motivated to take on the role as a Gaya CAC Group Leader! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.