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Through study, experimentation and a constant development of skills, Gaya’s artists and technicians dedicate great energy to exploring new materials and processes, pushing research on shape, color and surface to its limit.
With incredible aesthetic flexibility, from organic to minimalist, Gaya can design any possible handmade shape, giving just the right texture and form to be able to match the particular mood of the design project.

Maintaining the impalpable magic of artistic inspiration, Gaya Ceramic and Design approaches each project with a clearly structured process ( STEP OF A PROJECT )
Clients are an active part of the work team and are encouraged to share their ideas, in order that the resultant product will remain in harmony with each client’s viewpoint.
In the initial phase, Gaya defines moods and guidelines, preparing source images and relevant text to communicate background and atmosphere surrounding the project.
Later, ideas are translated into sketches and 3D renderings, leading up to the selection of items to be created in prototype, analysis and revision, until the design is defined, and ready for production.
However, it is of utmost importance that, at the end of the design process, Gaya Ceramic and Design creates the ceramics itself, ensuring that each piece has the integrity of a handmadepiece of art, of which to be proud.  ( OPERATING GUIDELINES )